How They Work


Signing up to create a Tournament is completely free for you.


Select what game you would like.  If you are not sure we will help you choose or you can ask your community.  Popular Tournament games include Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Call of Duty and Counter Strike.


Set the entrance fee.  Players pay a small entrance fee (usually $3-$10) to participate.  This fee is then split three way: the Prize Pool, the cost of running the Tournament, the rest goes to you.  Depending on the total number of players the Prize Pool will either go to a single winner or there will be a breakdown of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners.


Decide if you want to add to the Prize Pool (Optional).  You can add non-cash prizes such as your merch, products, gift cards, etc.  These can be physical or digital and can be provided by you or by a Sponsor if the Tournament has one.  Providing non-cash prizes earns you a greater split from the entrance fees.  You can also opt to include a small prize to everyone who enters the Tournament as a promotional gift such as a free digital download or coupon.


Decide if the Tournament will be online or in person.  If you are located on Long Island and would like an in person Tournament we will help find an appropriate location (unless you have one already).


Tournament Sign Up.  Your Tournament and our partners at the Long Island Gaming League will set up a sign up page that you can direct people to.


The Tournament!  The Long Island Gaming League will run the actual Tournament, either online or in person, and determine the winner(s).  


Aftermath.  After the Tournament the winner(s) will be sent their cash prizes.  If you contribute any non-cash prizes you will be responsible to sending those out.  After the prize pool is paid out you will be sent your portion of the entrance fee.


And that's it!  Your Tournament and Long Island Gaming League take care of everything.  All you have to do is promote the Tournament to your fans and followers.




The following options to help with the promotion and marketing of your tournament are available from Long Island Gaming Leage for an additional fee:


Custom Flyer Creation: $50

Social Media Ads and Management: $50 budget to run the ad / $20 To manage the ad setup

Having announcer to commentate the event online and stream it: $50 Per caster

Social Media Posting: $10 Per Post

Manage and organize Discord for signups: $50 Per event

All Inclusive Package for everything: $300